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Lies is Coming ~ September 30, 2016

 Adult Contemporary Romance ~ Erotic Suspense Series


Sapphire Springs Series
Welcome to Sapphire Springs, Montana, a place where intrigue runs as deep as the bloodlines, and passions are as hot as the coffee served at KJ’s Sweets and Treats the local coffee shop. A place where brother is pitted against brother and foe turns into friend. A place where loyalties are tested, but when you’re in a bind help is just a call away and the BSI Agents are there to get you out of a jam. A place where danger is around every corner, betrayal is never too far away, lusts run high, but true love is found in the heart.
Come join the Blackthorns and McKinnons as they navigate the danger and intrigue of ripped from the headlines crimes, protect their town and friends, and find love in the mostly unlikely places.
Sapphire Springs: Love, Lust, Betrayal and Danger are around every corner, but true love is found in the heart.

In Dreams, we meet Devin and Kylie, two people who have been fighting their feelings for each other for ten years. Kylie is young, a single mother, and the ex-girlfriend of Devin Blackthorn’s half-brother, Allen. Just as things begin to heat up between the coffee shop owner and the private security owner, Allen returns to town but not for the reasons he claims.
Duncan McKinnon, another half brother of Devin’s and Allen’s full brother, also returns to town in an effort to stop Allen from hurting Kylie and her son, Jamie. Secrets and Lies from the past are exposed, as Duncan leads the FBI and US Marshal Service, with the help of Blackthorn Security and Investigation, shutdown a sex trafficking ring which Allen plays a major part.

In Secrets, Cole and Tia, best friends of Devin and Kylie, come to an impasse. Cole cannot abide lies and secrets, he’s been burned too many times in the past. Tia has the ultimate secret she has been keeping from everyone in Sapphire Springs, especially from Cole and Kylie. She doesn’t want to hurt anyone, far from it, but she must maintain her secrets to keep her friends and new hometown safe.
Things come to a head when Duncan recruits Cole and his old Marine Unit to help him bring down the East Coast Eurasian Crime Organization and its leader Aleksandr Petrovich. Tia’s secrets are exposed and everyone in Sapphire Springs is in danger from the blow back, especially Tia and Kylie. Duncan does what he can to protect the two women, going so far as to continuing to make a case against his own mother for her role in Allen’s past crimes and connection with the ECO.

In Lies, Everything changes for Duncan. His entire adult life has been about justice and bringing down criminals, no matter who they are. When he is forced to take administrative leave from the Marshal Service, he learns not everything is as it should be, at home or in his job.
Will the straight lace, never met a criminal he didn’t arrest, lawman throw away a promising career for the fugitive Amara Davis? Or is he just stringing her along to make the bust of lifetime by bringing down a senator and returning the fugitive to the mental hospital she escaped from? Only time will tell as Duncan learns the truth is always just below the surface of all the Lies.

Amara Davis is running for her life, powerless to prove her innocence or her sanity. After escaping her incarceration she found a safe haven in an abandon cabin in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. For nearly two years she has led a quiet life in the small Oregon town. The signs are telling her there is change coming, but she doesn’t know which path will take her to freedom. 

Duncan McKinnon is on the fast track to his own territory as a US Marshal, but he buried a brother and arrested his own mother for that gold star. Now that his latest major cases are wrapping up, word comes down he must take administrative leave while he awaits for the trials to start. Warned to stay away from active cases, Duncan heads home to Oregon wanting nothing more than a cold beer and to sleep in his own bed, but thoughts of the fugitive Amara Davis plague him. There is just something about the woman Duncan can’t shake. 

Will Duncan find Amara first and make the arrest, or will he destroy his promising career with the US Marshal Service by protecting a fugitive? 


Can Amara trust the signs revealed to her? Are they honestly encouraging her to trust handsome Marshal? Can she make Duncan see the truth, or will he betray her for his badge? 

Journey back to Sapphire Springs as Duncan fights his demons and buries his ghosts in the place it all began.
Watch as Amara is caught in a battle of wills with one of the most powerful men in the country as she places her trust and her life in Duncan’s protective hands. 

In a horrific final confrontation with her stepfather, Amara is put to the ultimate test. Can Duncan save her before the senator takes her again? Can one woman rise from the ashes of her shameful past for the promise of a loving future? 


Will the attraction between Lawman and Fugitive be denied or prove to be an irresistible Lie?

Lies: A Sapphire Springs Novel, book 3
Available September 30, 2016


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Monday, September 12, 2016

Halloween is around the corner and Barbara Chioffi is

 Halloween is around the corner and Barbara Chioffi is getting us in the mood with her latest release. Time to snuggle up with a scary reador eight, in her latest release Chicanery!

What finds you in the night?

Chicanery is a collection of eight horror tales, each with a little bit of deceit and enough of the macabre to have you looking over your shoulder.


Who knows what awaits us as we go about our daily lives, unaware of what exists alongside us.
In these tales, you will find a bit of betrayal, a snippet or two of terror, and a lot of
Oh, and a good dose of helpful spirits.

Are you sufficiently spooked yet? Well, don't run too far, there is more from this short collection of horror stories.

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