Thursday, June 25, 2015

From Challenge to Gain

June 25th, 2015

Every day we meet challenges, big and small, head-on. The end product of those challenges is dependent on our attitude as much as it is reliant on our skill or intelligence to handle it. If you meet a challenge with defeat, fear, or trepidation then the situation has already gotten the upper hand and will more than likely beat you in the end. But, if you meet a challenge with a positive, go get ‘em attitude the battle is already half won.

A positive attitude fortifies you, gives you energy, makes the oxygen flow freely and stimulates your brain. It basically causes a chain reaction starting inside of you and that flows to your surroundings.

A positive attitude, much like a negative one, will infect those surrounding you, too. Have you ever been in a conversation with someone who was being negative and you caught yourself feeling that negativity and spewing it forth like a fountain? They don’t say misery loves company for nothing. It does, but guess what? So does positivity. A positive person wants to surround themselves with people just like them, so they can feed off that abundance of energy and good feelings, and return the same.

So what does all of this have to do with turning a challenge into gain? Well, if you have all of this energy, all of this oxygen feeding your brain and body, then you will have what you need to meet that challenge and concur it. Turn that challenge around so it works for you, rather than battling against you.

Recently I was talking to some author friends about a recent change in how we will get paid by a leading online retailer, and we were trying to decide if we would stay with the retailer or move on to something else. The posts were getting more and more negative until two authors stepped in and started suggesting positive ways to make this policy change work for us. The entire conversation turned from negative to positive in a few posts. And then came the reinforcement and ideas flowing from everyone in the conversation on how we can make this new policy work for us. Blog Tours, Promotions for you the readers to enjoy and benefit from, and other ideas blossomed and ruled the conversation.

See how a couple of positive voices turned what could have been a nightmare, draining negative conversation into something positive, full of ideas and helpfulness?

So the next time you are faced with a challenge turn it around to work for you instead of against you. Use positive reinforcement to center you. Tell yourself I can do this. Let the world know ‘I am a Success!(enter your phrase of choice just make it positive, reinforcing, and strong)

Turn that negative to a positive and concur the challenge you are faced with, and then go out and show others how you did it so you can have your own constant source of positivity energy to draw upon.

Here at STG Blog, I'm working on more tours for your benefit and mine, as well as spotlighting more authors, books, and cover reveals. I will also be posting more on the other pages I have on here, and I even have a few authors who want to guest blog on some of those pages as well.

And that my friends is how you turn a challenge into gain. With my writing schedule, blog, marketing, working, and new projects I was wondering if I was ever going to get anything on those pages and now I have a growing list of friends, old and new, saying they'd love to guest blog on those pages. I'm very excited about this new positive turn in events.

Until next time friends. I hope you have enjoyed the positivity blog tour as much as I have. We still have to look forward to a new positivity post from Mistral Dawn, Julie Nicholls and Susan Ricci. We will take another day break on Monday, June 29th, and then on Tuesday, June 30th, we will have our final post of the tour which will be a joint post like we did at the beginning of this enlightening tour.

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  1. Hi Savannah--John here--what a nice way to go--be Positive--attract Positive actions--- the first thing I read was about throwing stones--
    My Music Post today has a included a song called ''Counting out Stones'-by Bluetech- curious--but then over time we've developed a kind of ESP
    A Positive ESP as well--- Another song that would be harmonic with what you say, is by someone I met a few years ago--she's as nice as her voice..
    her name is Judy Tzuke- the song in mind is 'Turning Stones'----maybe you and some of your friends would like both them.... that's my input for today..
    Have a Lovely Day Babe--and to anyone reading this-----Remember that I'm a DJ--not an Author-- here's the U-tube link to Turning Stones -- and the link to Counting out Stones -

  2. * That should be 'Both of them' *

  3. What an Up Lifting Blog Post Today!!!
    Thank You So Much!!

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Patches. It's always a great day when you're around. <3

  4. Always a way to turn a frown into a smile and you're certainly doing this:)

    1. Welcome back from your travels to the Deep South, Lanie. I'm so glad you survived Deliverance Towns, Atlanta freeways, and managed to get home in one piece. So nice to have you back, Chica.